Are You A Foodie?


Now, these days, every other person considers themselves a living foodie, just because they take
pictures of food, or because they go to posh restaurants and know some posh chefs. However, in reality,
they are far from it. They are people we call food douchebags!

If you do consider yourself a foodie, no offence to you by the above comments, but here are a few signs
that may tell you if you are or not a true food lover.

a. You know what an amuse-bouche and petit fours is

b. Grocery shopping is your favourite thing to do

c. You read ingredient labels

d. You know every cheese variety out there

e. Your pantry looks like a grocery store shelf

f. You cook (yourself) more at home than eat out

g. Your favourite magazines are cooking or food varieties

h. You never visit a new place without looking up a list of foods to bring back

i. You always have more than favourite apple recipe. Forget what favourite means.

j. Thinking about the next meal while eating is your usual work. You eat while cooking, cook in your sleep, wake up to eat and repeats the cycle.

k. Sharing? Well, let’s just say that’s out of the question for you.

l. You never miss out on any course of a meal

m. You know what side of the bread it is buttered on.

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